What is Credit Card and How it work?

credit card

Credit cards are a payment card that can be used to pay for goods and services with a promise from the cardholder to the issuer to repay their debts. The issuer grants a line of credit, which is an amount that is available for the cardholder’s use in meeting their obligation.

How it differ from charge card?

A credit card differs from a charge card in a lot of ways. With a credit card, you’re allowed to build up debt and pay interest if you don’t pay the full balance on time. On the other hand, a charge card requires that the entire balance be paid at the end of every month. A card will also differ from cash when used to make purchases – with a cash card, you have complete control over your spending, but with a charge or credit card, there is usually some sort of third-party entity involved. And finally, the final difference between a credit and charge card is that most charge cards defer payment to one date in the future while credit cards allow individuals to continually build up debt and continue paying interest until they’re able to pay back their balance in full. There is no bank providing charge cards in India.

Credit cards are a part of the credit system. The use of credit cards has become widespread in many countries, and this has had a profound effect on society. Credit cards can be used for a variety of types of payment, including groceries, clothing, and travel. They can also be used to pay bills and transfer money from one account to another.

How credit card functions?

For the majority of online purchases, the cardholder will provide their credit card information to the merchant when they make a purchase. The merchant then forwards this information to the payment processor, who verifies that the cardholder has sufficient funds in their account. If so, payment is authorized and the credit card issuer pays the merchant